Let’s Have a Look at Bingo and Its Many Variants

Bingo and Its Many Variants

While modern bingo is around a century old, it was mostly played within churches and community centres, and was not nearly as popular as it is today. As it gained more players around the world, casinos began to slowly adopt the game onto their playing floors, and it didn’t take long for bingo to become something of an international hit that can now be found in most countries throughout the globe.

As it evolved and grew more popular, more variants were created, allowing for a wider audience, while also offering existing players something new to try. Here are all the most popular types of bingo that are worth giving a go.

Speed Bingo

Also known as 30 ball bingo, speed bingo is not quite as common as many of the other variants that are available, although it’s growing bigger with every passing year, especially as more players look for faster games that finish quickly. Here, there are only 30 balls or numbers that are in play at any given game, which is what makes it so much faster than other variants. Gaming cards in speed bingo consist of 9 numbers each, and cover a grid of 3×3. It should be noted that there tends to be only one grand prize for the full-house winner, which means the stakes are usually much higher.

75 Ball Bingo

Considered one of the most popular forms of the game, this is a variant that can be found both at land-based casinos and online with ease using internet, and its player base continues to swell as more players become interested. In order to win at 75 ball bingo, the player will need an entire row of numbers filled out on their designated playing card, usually in any direction possible. Cards here are set on a 5×5 grid, which is made up of 25 squares, with the centre usually being blank.

80 Ball Bingo Type Details

80 Ball Bingo

Set between 75 and 90 ball, this is a slower-paced game that’s specifically designed for those that prefer to play online like at https://onlinebingosweden.co/80-ball-bingo. The rules here are similar to the 75 ball variant, where the player will need to mark off a total row in a pattern on their card, which is always a 4×4 grid containing 15 numbers.

90 Ball Bingo

90 ball bingo (or British bingo) is currently reigns supreme in terms of sheer popularity, and it’s currently the one that’s most played in the world right now. Made up of a total of 90 numbers, 90 ball bingo can be found in bingo halls around the world, but it’s becoming increasingly more popular online. Cards contain 9 columns, of which there are 5 numbers for each of the three rows, making for a total of 15.

There are usually three stages in this kind of bingo, starting with the winner that fills out the horizontal row, followed by two horizontal rows, and lastly, the grand prize winner is the player that can mark out every number on their card, making for big prizes.