Review of Hidden Riches Treasure Hunter Video Slot

Hidden Riches is one of the many five-reel, 25-line online video slots produced by Real Time Gaming, a developer with an obvious penchant for this particular format.

As the title suggests, Hidden Riches is inspired by the immensely popular video slot theme of the buried or hidden treasure. In the case of Hidden Riches, the setting for this treasure hunt is the ancient Mexico, home of the Aztecs and their legendary Aztec gold.

The slot thus features an array of Aztec icons, including a mysterious stone tablet, an Aztec idol, a diamond, a pyramid, a massive gold necklace, and an ornately decorated urn. Naturally, the Hidden Riches slot also features an Indiana-Jones-like treasure hunter and his beautiful heroine, as well as the various tools of their trade, including an ancient treasure map, a golden compass, and a huge machete.

Behind the Hidden Riches reels, a lush green forest, its vines creeping over the edges of the reels, is visible, as are some Aztec ruins. Elaborate gold accents combine with this to create a rather striking visual effect.

Real Time Gaming’s Characteristic Simplicity

Although Hidden Riches is, indeed, a visually appealing slot, it does leave something to be desired when it comes to animation, which is virtually nonexistent. Only the wild and scatter symbols become animated when they form part of winning combinations and even this is barely noticeable.

The Hidden Riches soundtrack is equally minimalist, with only the sound of the reels to be heard during standard play, with the occasional snippet of tribal flutes and drums when the wild and scatter symbols become animated.

This simplicity extends to the slot’s betting options. Although coin denominations range from 0.01 to 5.00 credits – making Hidden Riches appealing to careful and adventurous players alike – only one coin may be wagered per line. Note that Hidden Riches players may adjust the number of active paylines, although it is advisable to activate all 25 to make the most of winning spins.

Standard Scatter Symbol Features

The Hidden Riches scatter symbol – the tablet – is as simple as the rest of the slot. It has the standard scatter ability to pay out regardless of where it appears on the reels and payouts occur for as few as two scatter symbols being landed.

Additionally, the scatter can unlock the Hidden Riches Mystery Feature.

The Hidden Riches Mystery Feature

Hidden Riches is made a bit more interesting by the fact that it has one of the best bonus rounds, entitled the Hidden Riches Mystery Feature. This feature is unlocked when three or more scatters are landed anywhere on the reels.

Players are then presented with five prize symbols and a casino bonus round in which they can win up to 2000 times the triggering bet.

Only One Wild Required to Win

One unique feature of Hidden Riches is the fact that the wild symbol – the treasure hunter – pays out at least two coins, even when only one appears on the reels – as long as it is on Reel 1. The wild only appears on Reels 1, 3 and 5.

In addition, like other wilds, the Hidden Riches wild can stand in for any other symbol except the scatter to help create wins. All wins acquired with the help of the wild are doubled.

Finally, the wild also unlocks free spins when two or more appear on the reels. Hidden Riches players may then enjoy up to 25 free spins on a new set of reels.