The Best Boxing Weight Divisions for Bettors

The reason Boxing bettors should stick to the 5 most popular and well-paid divisions? They get the most media coverage and attract the finest fighters.

In the same way that wagering on the main card instead of the undercard is a good idea, combatants in the following weight classes are easier to analyse and we know more about them overall than we do about those in the remaining 12.

Since successful wagering, be it in a Boxing Prop stake, a Fight to Go the Distance, or an Outright Win, is about getting and sorting through as much relevant data as possible, focussing on these weight classes and boxers is a great way to get an extra edge when placing bets at Ladbrokes Australia.

Lightweight, Max 135 Lbs or 61.23 Kgs

Roberto Duran, who hails from Panama, was the best Lightweight the world has ever seen. Miguel Angel Garcia Cortez, best known as Mikey Garcia, has precise technical mastery and acute footwork highly recommends him, and Venezuelan Jorge Linares is possibly the top Lightweight fighter currently active.

Welterweight, Max 147 Lbs or 66.67 Kgs

History has given us the likes of Henry Robinson, Sugar Ray Robinson, and Sugar Ray Leonard. Sugar Ray Robinson is often extolled as the best fighter in any weight class ever, thanks to his speed, strength, and ability to achieve KOs with either hand!

The best Welterweights in Boxing today are Errol Spence, the hard-charging body-puncher with great reflexes and a bit of a mean streak, and Keith Thurman. Thurman is a puncher with extraordinary KO power in his right hand and footwork that is a joy to watch.

Middleweight, Max 160 Lbs or 72.57 Kgs

Mexico’s Santos Saúl Álvarez Barragán, better known as Canelo Álvarez, and Kazakhstani Gennady Golovkin are top contenders for best Middleweight in the world today, along with England’s Billy Joe Saunders and Daniel Danny Jacobs from America. This division is locked and loaded for the foreseeable future!

Light Heavyweight, Max 175 Lbs or 79.37 Kgs

In terms of mean, crafty power-punching, Sergey Kovalev is the top fighter in the Light Heavyweight category. He jabs with serious intent and knows how to get his opponents to connect with hard hands. Other boxers to keep an eye on in this category are Artur Asilbekovich Beterbiev, of Chechen Russian descent, and Dimitri Bivol from Russia.

Heavyweight, Min 200 Lbs or 90.71 kg

Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder are thought to be the two finest Heavyweight fighters currently active. Each lay claim to a portion of the Championship, with Joshua known as a big, fundamentally solid, strong boxer who compares well with the great Lennox Lewis.

On the other hand, Wilder’s incredible athleticism and almost absurd striking power in both hands make him something of a natural wonder. Luis Ortiz, from Cuba, and Joseph Parker, from New Zealand, are also proving to be a valuable commodity in this division and Tyson Fury, the two-time World Champion, on a comeback trail should not be ignored, either.