What You Should Know Before Trying Online Video Poker Game

While playing video poker game, you might notice that except hand ranking, nothing is the same when compared to table poker. You are well aware that video poker is the game that you have to play sitting in front of the machine. Your main objective is to get excellent-playing hand always.

Game Rules

When the game starts, the machine automatically deals 5 cards. You can start by either keeping or discarding any number of cards. By selecting the cards that you wish to keep, you can click on the option that says “deal/draw” on the screen. The vacant places from the cards that you discard will be automatically replaced with new ones. The winning combinations will always fetch you excellent amount.

Joker’s Wild

Joker Wild always comes somewhere between Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better. This game is played by dealing 53 cards wherein 52 cards will be from the deck plus and the remaining card will be the joker. Just the way you use the basic joker card, this particular card that you draw as the “joker of the game” can be used in matching any suit or rank. The game follows the strategy of matching the cards of different kinds in different ways.

Game Rules

Jokers always play a key role in all the video poker games. Hence, you can enhance your winning strategy by keeping all the kinds that perfectly matches with a joker. Even though the basic strategy here is one and the same, the game rule might vary slightly as per the game type.

Deuces Wild

As the name says, Deuces wild is the type of game that does not require matching particular card type with exclusive set. The winning odds are excellent in video poker game plans and hence the payout scales are often reduced.


The main game plan is all about the type of dealing here. No matter what number of cards you wish to deal, if each set contains royal flush or any of the options such as four of a kind, five of a kind, etc, then you can proceed with the game. If the card set does not contain any of the beneficial deals, then you can start with taking 5 new cards.

Better or Jacks

Jacks are the only key cards that you can make use of to get paid in the game of video poker. All other cards will not prove as much worth and hence, experts always suggest going for the cards that can fetch predetermined payouts.


The main motto of this game is to get paid constantly. Hence, you can follow many strategies that are less risky and yet can fetch excellent winning odds. If your cards hold straight, four of a kind and even a flush, then you should go for the draw. The same goes for royal flush and a three of a kind, straight and three of a kind, etc.

If your cards do not have any suit, then you can make use of jacks or even the other high card to win the round. If your card set does not have any beneficial card, then experts always suggest trusting your luck and drawing 5 new cards.